What prompted us to develop our own line of boards is that we are convinced that it is an excellent system to move around and experience water economically, with zero emissions, easy to transport, to launch  and enjoy.
Our SUP are made entirely in our laboratory in Riva del Garda, with the technology used for our sailing boats, through the infusion of epoxy resins with carbon or glass fiber, ensuring maximum rigidity and greater lightness. The craftsmanship allows an high degree of customization of the finishing: our boards can in fact have the most disparate finishes, from simple painting to the use of aluminized fabrics, to wood veneer.
The production of the laminates takes place through the infusion of epoxy resins, a technology that limits the contact of the resin by the operator; the use of equipment such as the painting booth and the suction benches ensures the lowest possible emission of dust in the various processing phases.
The production cycle is completed with the disposal of processing waste or their recycling according to EU regulations

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